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Become Our Partner

Become Our Partner

‘Alleevia’ Destination Healthcare, facilitates formation of Alliances with world renowned Medical Practitioners, Health Advisers, Top notch healthcare individual professional Doctors, Hospitals and Health Ministry officials all over the Globe. It has a unique focus and that is it’s USP. It endeavors to attain a qualitative standard in providing healthcare to our friendly patients referred by our partner Doctors and Hospitals from different destinations. We always refer to such an alliance as an association or a union formed to promote a mutually beneficial relationship.
Let us see this as a similarity of interests amongst our self and bring in Affinity, Closeness and Kinship--- all this in the ultimate interest of our patient’s health. Together we can formulate the total package for all referred patients who would be receiving the best of healthcare at our Destinations in India.
We rather urge you to be in touch with us for all requirements of the patients, including Budget packages, medical attendance by our Compassionate colleagues in our staff and of course the enjoyment of our cultural heritage, after treatment.
We once again wish to reiterate the competitive edge we have over other centers globally and it is just not the cost alone, what about the quality and accreditations of our hospital facilities, what about the Doctors, Surgeons and more importantly the professionally trained staff full of Compassion and kindness for the patients.
Imagine how can we miss on the STATE OF THE ART machinery and the Most sophisticated medical equipment available at our facilities.


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