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Low Cost Cervical Disc Replacement Or Cervical Discectomy in India

Cervical discs acts as a shock absorbers between the vertebras of the cervical spine (neck). Discs damaged by trauma or degeneration can cause pain. If part of the disc slips out of its normal position can cause pressure on the central spinal cord or on the surrounding nerves roots. Disc disruption and degeneration can cause neck pain or neurological symptoms that may include pain, numbness or weakness that radiates from the neck to one or both arms. Cervical disc replacement is a surgical procedure that requires removing a damage or degenerated cervical disc and replacing it with an artificial disc.

Person who is suffering from the following problems are considered as a suitable candidate for the cervical disc replacement:

• Persistent neck pain or neck stiffness

• Possible neurological symptoms that may radiate into arms.

• Weakness of shoulders, arms, hands or legs

• Numbness in the arms

• Not responding to non-surgical treatment such as anti-inflammatory medications, physiotherapy or epidural steroid injections

• No previous neck surgery

• Not having any active infection

• No allergies to the implant material

• Not suffering from osteoporosis

Most of the patients suffering from herniated disc, degenerated disc or arthritis in the neck do not require surgery and can get relief from non surgical methods such as anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy or cold/heat therapy within 4-6 weeks. Patients with cervical deformities make the neck vulnerable to injury, dislocation or fracture of the cervical spine. Surgery proves beneficial in such cases and helps in straighten, stabilizing the spine and relieving the pressure on the spinal cord.

Some of the advantages of these types of surgeries are:

• Improves neck muscle flexibility

• Improves motion

• Less hospital stay

• faster recovery

India is the most preferred destination for spinal treatment like cervical discectomy or cervical disc replacement. There are many top hospitals that provide world class medical facilities and very experienced doctors with national/international accreditations that attract the patients from all over the world to get the treatment at affordable cost. Hospitals in India have world class operating theaters; high quality procedures, advance technologies, medical experts with highly efficient English speaking paramedical staff at the best price.

Alleevia Medical Services have best hospital and doctors for spinal surgery on panel from all major cities in India at affordable prices. Significant cost difference is the key factor in bringing the patients for cervical discectomy or cervical disc replacement in India from abroad. The cost of surgery may varies according to the type of surgery, implant that patient may choose, facilities, services and the city where patient would like to get the surgery done. We at Alleevia, provides free consultation with the best hospitals for hip surgery in India and arrange a hassle free health tests, treatment, post treatment care, travel and accommodation in India. Cervical Disectomy/ Cervical Disc Replacement surgery in India has a success rate of more than 90%. With proper treatment and consultation, patient is relived from pain and is able to perform his daily activities with more ease and comfort.

Alleevia offers world renowned medical facilities with the finest medical treatment to help the patient for a faster and comfortable recovery. We have customized packages by keeping in mind the individual’s needs, comfort and providing the surgery and other services at much cheaper price.

The services we provide to the patient are:

• Transport arrangement

• Appointment with the best doctor or hospital

• Admission at the hospital

• Medicines arrangement

• Arrangement of food and accommodation for the patient and his/her companion

• Visa and flight ticket booking

• Translator

• Currency exchange

• Hotel arrangements if required

• Surgical services such as pre-surgery tests

• Quick response to the query

• Hassle free stay

Alleevia Medical Service provides best and accessible services round the clock for the patients coming from other countries thus making it most preferable Healthcare provider over others.

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