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Low Cost Heart Surgery

Cardiac Surgery is the treatment to correct heart defects or any other heart disorder. Heart surgeries are complicated and hence it is very crucial to choose the right cardiac surgeon, line of treatment and right hospital. Cardiac surgery is the only option left when other recommended medication and catheter-based treatments do not cure the heart problems including mitral valve prolapsed (MVP), atrial septal defect (ASD), and coronary artery disease. Cardiac care has become a specialty in India with a very good health infrastructure and medical units with the latest innovations in terms of electronic medical equipments to reckon with.

All major cities in India have well known and up to date cardiac hospitals which are equipped to handle all types of heart diseases from the elementary to the latest clinical procedures like interventional cardiac cauterization and surgical cardiac transplants. These hospitals are also specializing in offering surgery to high risk patients with the introduction of advanced techniques like minimally invasive and robotic surgery.

The cost of heart surgery in India is very much cheaper and affordable having a success rate of between 98 to 99% as compare to other parts of the world which also attracts the medical tourists. Cardiac surgery in India is done by heart surgeons of great dexterity, experience, number of surgeries, different types of procedures and complexity of heart conditions. This experience is built on top of the outstanding academic qualifications of heart surgeons in India and world class training at the best institutions in the UK, USA etc. Hospitals in India have world class cardiac catheterization labs for diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. They also have well equipped operation theaters that enable safe and successful cardiac surgery.

Low treatment costs and high levels of expertise have made India, a hub destination for heart treatment for people coming not only from neighboring countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal and Bangladesh but also from West Asian, UAE and African countries. When compared to global standards, the cost for any kind of cardiovascular surgery are very minimal in India for example Coronary angiography, a test that uses dye and special X-rays to show the insides of coronary arteries, the tube that carries blood to heart) costs around Rs.10, 000 to Rs. 15,000 whereas in the US it costs around 500 dollars (Rs. 32,000) for example patient from Bangladesh underwent an implant here in just Rs.7 lakhs, while he was quoted Rs. 30 lakhs for the same in Europe which is why it makes India a perfect affordable destination for cardiac surgeries. Some of the most popular treatments availed by people are angioplasty, where the blockage in the coronary artery is opened and a thin coil, called a stent, is implanted; open heart surgery where the heart holes are closed and narrow valves opened; and the installation of artificial pacemakers for slower heart rates.

Low cost treatment is one of the major factors attracting people to India, the expertise and trust in the quality of treatment is another important reason for the growth of foreign patients.

All the advanced high quality treatment is available in India with high expertise and equipments and medical machines. Treatment for congenital heart disease (diseases affecting infants and children and present since birth) are also available in leading Indian hospitals attracting a lot of patients from abroad. Treatment of heart disease in children costs 10 times less than that in any European country. In private hospitals, open heart surgery can costs anything around Rs.1.5 lakh to Rs.2.25 lakh and for children it can costs Rs.1.25 lakh to Rs.2 lakh; valve surgeries may cost between Rs.2.5 lakh and Rs.2.75 lakh. Whereas the treatment is even cheaper in government hospitals, with the difference being usually between Rs.75, 000 and Rs. 1 lakh.

Hence reasons why patients from abroad are opting for heart treatments in India are:

a) Patients can be assured of getting treatment from the best and top cardiologist in India who is highly experienced worldwide.

b) Hospitals in India have an excellent infrastructure with the latest and advanced technology.

c) Cost effective when compared to the other countries.

d) Less or hardly any waiting period for consultation and treatment.

e) No language barrier as English is widely spoken language in all over India.

f) Hospitable nature and care by the hospital staff towards the patients to make them comfortable and welcomed when coming from the other countries.

All the metro cities have a great medical infrastructure and best heart hospital in the world here which provide a wide spectrum of treatments related to the heart with the help of the best cardiologist in India. Patient coming from other countries for various heart surgeries do not have to worry about the arrangement while deciding for their treatment in India as the Alleevia, a destination medical tourism takes care of every aspect of their medical tour. They can avail their respective surgery whenever required as the urgency is the priority in India and there is no long wait list.

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