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Low cost Laser Prostate Surgery in India

A small gland in men’s pelvis located between the penis and bladder and surrounds the urethra is known as prostate. When prostate becomes enlarged, it put pressure on the bladder and urethra which can cause problems in urination. Problems related to prostate enlargement that haven’t responded well to medication can be treated with green light/laser treatment or with the help of most effective TURP procedure. Laser surgery is done to treat complications that may occur due to blocked urine flow that may include:

• Recurring urinary tract infections

• Damage to kidney or bladder

• Inability to urinate

• Bladder stones

• Recurring blood in urine

Laser surgery uses ablation and enucleation to remove excess prostate tissue and there are different types of prostate laser surgery such as

• Photoselective Vaporization Of The Prostate (PVP) - Uses a laser to melt away excess prostate tissue for enlarging the urinary channel.

• Holmium laser ablation of the prostate (HoLAP) - The procedure is done the same way as of PVP but uses different type of laser to melt away the excess prostate tissue.

• Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP)- The laser is used to cut and remove the excess tissue that is blocking the urethra. Another instrument, called a morcellator, is then used to cut the prostate tissue into small pieces that can be remove easily The type of surgery required can depend on various factors including the size of the prostate, overall health, the type of laser equipment available etc.

India is a very much preferred destination for laser prostate surgery to treat prostate problems and complication. There are many top hospitals that provide world class medical facilities and very experienced doctors with national/international accreditations that attract the patients from all over the world to get the treatment at affordable cost. Hospitals in India have world class operating theaters; high quality procedures, advance technologies, machines to deliver laser radiation and equipments used for treating BPH, medical experts with highly efficient English speaking paramedical staff at the best price.

Alleevia Medical Services have best hospital and doctors for laser prostate surgery on panel from all major cities in India at affordable prices. Significant cost difference is the key factor in bringing the patients for benign prostate hyperplasia or other prostate related problems to India from abroad. The cost of surgery may vary according to the type of surgery, facilities, services and the city where patient would like to get the surgery done For example, the cost of trans urethral resection of the prostate (TURP) for prostate removal may cost differently in each city We at Alleevia, provides free consultation with the best hospitals for hip surgery in India and arrange a hassle free health tests, treatment, post treatment care, travel and accommodation in India. With proper treatment and consultation, patient is relived from pain and is able to perform his daily activities with more ease and comfort.

Alleevia offers world renowned medical facilities with the finest medical treatment to help the patient for a faster and comfortable recovery. We have customized packages by keeping in mind the individual’s needs, comfort and providing the surgery and other services at much cheaper price. The services we provide to the patient are:

• Transport arrangement

• Appointment with the best doctor or hospital

• Admission at the hospital

• Medicines arrangement

• Arrangement of food and accommodation for the patient and his/her companion

• Visa and flight ticket booking

• Translator

• Currency exchange

• Hotel arrangements if required

• Surgical services such as pre-surgery tests

• Quick response to the query

• Hassle free stay

Alleevia Medical Service provides best and accessible services round the clock for the patients coming from other countries thus making it most preferable Healthcare provider over others.

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