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Novalis Tx Radio surgery

Novalis Tx surgery

Radiosurgery is a non-invasive procedure that accurately deliver large dose of radiation to a tumor and cancerous cells without damaging surrounding healthy tissues. This procedure doesn’t required surgery and can treat tumors of the other body parts like the brain, spine, lung, liver and prostate along with some non-cancerous disorders. This can also treat seizures and Parkinson’s disease. Some radio surgeries use a circular beam that cannot cover the tumors that are in irregular shape which can result in lower doses of radiation to the parts of the tumor and higher dose to healthy tissue. Radiation treatment is not always as precise.

Novalis TX is the most advance available treatment for cancer. This procedure is highly précised and uses a radiation beam that rotates around the patient that can send the radiation energy to inaccessible areas or anywhere in the body from different angles and avoids harming the normal tissues. In novalis TX, the beam is so focused that it can also adapt to the patient’s breathing, making it more effective e.g. in case of lung cancer. Some other tumors that can be treated by novalis TX radiotherapy are:

• Spinal cancer
• Pituitary gland tumors
• Acoustic neuromas
• Meningiomas
• Gliomas
• Craniopharyngiomas

In novalis TX radiosurgery, a powerful linear accelerator which rotates around the patient to deliver radiation beams to the part that needs to be treated anywhere in the body from virtually any angle. Novalis TX offers both stereotactic radiosurgery in which a high dose of radiation is delivered to the tumor in single session and fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy that delivers a smaller amount of treatment to the tumor over a period of time. Both procedures involve a similar total dose. Doctor may recommend the best treatment method for the patient depending on medical condition and some other factors.

Novalis TX radiotherapy is a highly advance technique that has been helping people fighting cancer while continuing with their routine activities. There are some other several advantages of this shaped beam treatment as following:

1. Accurate radiation therapy – the beams are so précised and safe that enables the best possible treatment dose for the whole tumor also resulting in protecting the nearby healthy tissues. Both the radiation beams and the position of the patient can be adjusted to reach the treatment location.
2. Non-Invasive treatment – this procedure is frameless and doesn’t require anesthesia Depending on the location of the tumor, patient might need to wear custom – fit mask to keep their head in position. There can be slight dizziness, headache or tiredness post the surgery.
3. Fast procedure – this outpatient treatment session can last 15- 20 minutes. It is more comfortable and convenient for the patients as it doesn’t cause pain due to the long immobility.

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