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Oral Cancer

Also known as mouth cancer can occur as a growth or sore anywhere in the mouth, tongue, lips, inside the cheeks, hard and soft palate, sinuses, pharynx, in the gums, in the tonsils and the salivary glands. This is very common cancer and mostly happens after the age of 40.

Common causes of the oral cancer are frequent smoking, tobacco, excessive consumption of the alcohol, family history, HPV virus. The symptoms of oral or mouth cancer are red or red and white patches on the lining of the mouth or tongue, ulcers or sores, swelling along with pain, loose teeth without apparent reason, jaw pain and stiffness, hoarse voice, sore throat, persistent pain in the neck.

Biopsy, endoscopy, imaging tests like MRI, CT scan, X-ray can detected the oral cancer and treatment can be based on the stage of the cancer, personal health of the patient, and preferences. Some of the treatments are surgery, radiationtherapy, chemotherapy, targeted drug therapy. One can prevent this cancer with proper oral health, regular checkups with dentist, hygiene, balanced diet and limited consumption of tobacco and alcohol.

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