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Robotic Prostate

Robotic prostate surgery or robotic prostatectomy is a minimally invasive prostate removal and cancer treatment. It is done through several small incisions in the belly with the help of robotic arms with the guidance of surgeon’s hand motions into more precise action. This procedure requires special instrument and training. Not all hospitals do robotic surgery.

There are some potential benefits of this surgical treatment that may include:

• Less pain

• Lower infection risks

• Less blood loss

• Minimal scarring

• Faster recovery

• Great results

• Shorter hospital stay

This surgery is also called da vinci surgery in which special trained surgeon performs the surgery with the help of robotic machine under the effect of general anesthesia. There are 2 machines used in this procedure: the patient unit and the control unit.

• The patient unit – the unit has 4 arms, one holds camera and others hold the surgical instruments. Surgeon will make 5 small incisions in patient’s abdomen that lies on the operating table. The camera and instruments are put in through the cuts to do the surgery. This unit is controlled by the control unit.

• The control unit – is separate from the patient unit. Surgeon sits at the control unit in the operating theatre and can see the operating area on a screen. This gives the surgeon a magnifying 3D view. Below the screens are the controls. The surgeon uses these master controls to move the instruments on the patient unit. This technique allows surgeon to make very tiny and precise movements and also reduce shaking of the hands. Robotic assistance also makes stitching the wound easier.

Robotic prostate surgery can take 2-4 hours and patient generally feels better after the surgery is done. Patient may need to stay in the hospital for a day or two.

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